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Handle uses

We focus on the "handle" application because we are convinced that this item can summarize more the potential of the product.

Currently, most of the shopping bags' handles what you can find on the market are closed by knots: cords are hot or cold cut in the required length, threaded into the bag eyelets and fastened at their extremities by two knots.

In these cases cord assembling work is normally committed to third party contractors who cut the cords from reel, thread it into the eyelets and make the knots, thus causing a better product handling.

Our new handles, supplied with "Peroni Products" metal tags, might successfully replace the old cords with knots, since your customers will receive the already assembled handles, which only need to be run through the eyelets. Our special tags can be applied onto a number of different materials (pvc tubes, paper, etc.).

You can also save materials: one 40 cm long handle with knots needs approx. 48/50 cm cord, one handle with two Peroni tags needs instead only 40 cm . Handling and transport reduction costs: even freight expenses prove to be lower (up to 20% less if compared with traditional products) due to the inferior cube volume required by our handles. Threading time into shopping bags or box filling become shorter (up to 15% less).

Handles look better and well finished in general. Suitable for: shopping bags, sample books, high-level packages. Why use it? Try and see how easy it is to thread a cord with tags instead of making knots!!!